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SETI - A Novel
Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence
16-year old Ham Radio Operator Sam Alexander discovers the first radio transmission from an extraterrestrial civilization and starts an uncontrollable series of global events. Competition to claim the discovery and steal recognition from Sam is intense. Through his wit and intelligence, Sam greets the aliens as they arrive on Planet Earth. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and alien contact from deep space begins with this, Book One, in “The SETI Trilogy.” Written and Read by Author Frederick Fichman.

"SETI" was originally print published by Penguin USA for the United States and Canada and published originally by Headline Press, London for the U.K. and Australia. The motion picture feature script for "SETI" was optioned by Columbia Pictures, Hollywood.

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Fred Fichman

Author and Podcaster. Main author website at www.frederickfichman.com. Animals Central Educational Website at animals-central.com